Review: Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Tool Belt

Welcome to another Frank’s Hatch Tool Review!

Today we will be reviewing a familiar company called Milwaukee. They sell construction appliances all over the world and have been running for decades. All of their gear is top-notch, this is why I always trust Milwaukee with my money! Today is a special review of a belt I’ve owned for almost a total of 5 years. I’m proud to announce the Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Tool Belt a magnificent construction belt for doing any hard labor.


This very sturdy beast comes with 20 pocket so you can be count on being able to carry any amount of tools you can handle. Although Milwaukee designed it for electricians, any caliber of construction worker can use this. It is very high quality, effective, and useful & lot of people say they enjoy Milwaukee because they add colors to their tools unlike other commercial products.

Their is a very good reason on why you should always trust Milwaukee because over the last decade they have proven themselves to be a very reliable company. In my entire existence I have not had one problem with this company so I really applaud them and the service they do for fellow contractors.

This work gear is some of the most heavy duty in the market as it was designed with sleekness in mind.

This belt built with 1680, denier nylon, with riveted seaming, and all metal hardware this belt will be sure to do the job. It is proven that Milwaukee sells construction gear that is usually 5x more durable that other commercial competitive brands. With a total of 29 pocket you can be sure to have just the right fit for any kind of tool you need in the field. It has a flat bottom so that the belt can be taken off an lay down flat on a surface without problem. Their is also a pocket with puncture resistance so that you can carry sharp items without the fear of anything ripping while on the job. All these wonderful features together and you have yourself one of the most effective, heavy duty, practical, and durable working belts on the competitive market.

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