Review: Red Wing’s Classic MOC Style NO. 1907


Incase you don’t know what these are..

These are high quality contractor boots for people that get out on structure’s everyday building new things.  The Classic 1907’s are a one of a kind masterpiece made out of rough & tough leather that will that break or rip.  These are modeled after the original boot made back in 1907.  It Leather with a white traction rubber outsole, along with a Norwegian welt, and triple stitched.  These have lightweight crepe sole and minimal tread to reduce mud.  They’re commonly used to go through long days of work in the factory or farm.  The word moc comes from moccasin which is an Algonquian Indian word for shoe.

Classic MOC boots

These oil tanned boots make to be very classic works of art.  The rough leather can withstand any of the brutal things nature can throw at you as it is water and stain resistant.  The Classic Moc will fit around any foot and very securely while still giving them room for their toes.  Red Wing has been manufacturing boots for over a century so it’s no wonder why you can expect the highest quality from these boots.


The Red Wing’s Classic Moc’s are truly the best contracting boots on the market.  I personally have owned them for a year now and have barely managed to break them in.  These have been a life savior so many times, stepping on nails, dropping paint, & nothing has stained or messed up the boot.  When I go back to get new boots for whatever reason I will be buying from Red Wing’s online store.

You can visit them at The Red Wing’s Website

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