Wonders of Marble

I was at one of my clients houses today and the contractor working in there was a marble contractor.  I learned a lot about how marble and I would like to share all these wonderful facts Hazie thought me.  Hazie is the owner of one of the largest marble contracting companies in California, called Hazie Lazarof Marble.  

Heres some of the things Hazie L. told me that I had no Idea about before…

  • Marble is primarily the color white, although it comes in other colors. 
  • You can easily tell where a piece of marble came from depending on color.
  • Marble has been used to make statue and flooring since ancient times.
  • Marble is a type of metamorphic rock.
  • Marble usually originates as limestone or dolomite.
  • Impurities are what gives marble its colors.

I thought that I learned so much today I needed to list it out and share it with the world.  I wanna give a big thank-you to Hazie for being the first contractor that I blogged about.  Also, thanks for all the valuable information Hazie.  

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