Review: SD Driver by WORX

Back to Franks hatch with a unsponsored review of “SD Driver W/ Screw Holder” by WORX.  This is a high quality tool that comes at an amazing price.  The price at the WORX website is 39.99.  It includes a three year warranty & a thirty day guarantee.  Here are some of the features of the Semi-automatic driver that comes with a screw holder. It is considered the most convenient cordless screwdriver ever.  It comes with a slide-action features that changes to the correct bit instantly.

You can switch between bits in seconds with the SD Driver by works.  What makes this driver so good is that the bits are never last because of a rapid reloadable cartridge that houses 6 screw bits.  The SD Driver works with any 1/4 insert bit so you don’t have to worry you will get anything done, super quickly.maxresdefault

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