Review: Husqvarna Auto-Mower


      If you care about your lawn even a little, then you probably already own the Husqvarna Auto-Mower.  This technology is so advanced I think that it is from the future.  This machine is the future in landscaping & will be a great addition to your lawn & life.  Not only is this amazing technology silent at any time during the day but it will save time during the day for you!  An automatic robot that controls itself and regulates your lawn throughout the day, yeah… You heard me.  The future.  H310-0866

   So you’re asking yourself how many nooks and crannies this thing must have wrong with it.  I mean think of all the things that can go wrong.  Don’t think too hard though, because the team at Husqvarna have already thought of it trust me.  

   To start with some features, listen to this, you can control exactly where your robot will go at all times during the day.  Listen to how easy it is, all you need to do is set a green wire around the boundaries of the lawn and where you want the lawn mower to go.  You can sit inside and not worry about your automaker falling into any ditch, river, pothole, street, tar pit, ect.  The green wire sets off the stench of distinct single marker that the robot will recognize as a natural wall that it is not enabled to cross.  Love it already? keep reading.

     Since the robotic lawn mower is usually on for a good portion of the day it has time to cut your grass very often.  Because of this, Husqvarna Automower 315 produces very thin and small slices of grass that is impossible to notice and cannot be picked up by a rake.  If it cannot be picked up by a rake then why pickup at all.  It is said that these little particles of grass actually help the growth a futility of a lawn.

     You’re probably still not buying the whole “You don’t have to do ANYTHING” thingy majiggy but when I say things I mean it.  The mower will automatically return back to the charger when it is low under all circumstances.  It has three techniques of doing this, the first is just to wander around until it pings the configuration and charging database.  The second, if it runs into the wires base wire then it will go right to this.  The underlining option is finding any green wire and follow it all around back until the main base wire, and then to the base itself. 

     The Husqvarna Automower robotic lawn mower is equipped with an LCD control pad used to configure the settings.  This command board tells the robot exactly how it’s going to be operating.  It does everything on it’s own after you give it the times to turn on and off, simple as that.  

     This incredible machine also comes stock with a Weather Timer function.  The Husqvarna can actually automatically adjust the mowing times based on lawn growth. Wow.  For example during the summer when the lawn will be rapidly growing the futuristic machine will turn up the time in the day it spends crawling around you’re lawn.  To use this setting make sure to only set park times during the times of the day you want it off and then the robot will take care of the rest.  After just a few days on the job Husqvarna will know exactly the size, length, and density of your lawn and how to take care of the job.  

    The machines runtime is 70 minutes & once docked it will take about 60 minutes to reach full again.  The Husqvarna also has abilities to maneuver through %35 slopes which is something almost unheard of for a machine lawnmower.  Even after this you’re thinking that someone can just climb your backyard fence over night and take your robot. Well it’s not gonna let that happen! It will immediately start alarming once picked up and will not operate if the PIN you made is not entered.  If taken to a engineer their is a serial code that is connected to the buyer.  Everything sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?  I thought it was too.  I’ve had this lawn mower for about 2 weeks now and I have not been more happy with a tool in my entire life.  If you’re saving up for an XBOX, don’t.  Just buy this.  Right here.  Click the link below.



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