Sunshine and Tacos

Today was a frustrating day, it just seems like there is always a problem with one thing in my life.  I’m writing this blog after a long sunny day relaxing at home and enjoying the nice food my wife is cooking up.  Although there is always this one problem in my life and today it was the Skylight.  See, I have this remote control skylight in the kitchen right over the island.  My wife, Lara, was cooking fish tacos so it was important that all the nasty smell wouldn’t be floating around the house and would go straight out the skylight. Today was not the best day for the skylight remote because it decided to not work, or so I thought.  After playing with the remote little I noticed the green light that beeps whenever I try to open the skylight.  This means that it was not the remote malfunctioning and I needed to call my skylight install and repair friends.  

 So I picked up the phone & called Leamon the best skylight guy in the California area, no jokes.  I expected to have a working skylight in about a week but his team responded very quickly and came the same day with all his skylight tools.  I was really happy and surprised because not only can he fix any skylight problem but he is very pleasant to talk to and professional while he’s working.  

I told him that my remote seemed to still be working and they checked it out to confirm. He had so many tools it filled up and entire bag I started to become curious on how skylights work and the job and effort it takes to be in the business.    Skylights are honestly an awesome thing when you think about it.  Most areas of the house cannot get natural sunlight.  If a room cannot have any windows because of it’s placement then why not get a skylight? that’s why I bought mine for the kitchen & it was perfect for getting rid of the food smell.

So there he is, standing on a ladder, in my kitchen  trying to figure out why the remote wasn’t reaching the skylight.  After some investigation Leamon assured me everything would be okay and a small part just needed to be swapped out.  Relieved to hear, I continued my day and eating the remaining Fish tacos Lara made.  After only 10 minutes he replaced the receiver and was heading out the door and made sure that we all had a smile before doing so.  Now here I am, writing about how my skylight repairs and wishing a cool contractor a big thanks  for the skylight repair. So, if you wanted to know, my day ended up very swell and I really need to thank Lara for the awesome fish tacos.

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