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Welcome back to Frank Hatch’s Hatch.  Today we’re going to be reviewing something that I’ve enjoyed owning for over a year now.  As you know Husky is a construction appliance company that has been around since 1924.

 I will be reviewing the 9-Drawer Black out mobile workbench with solid wood top.  This magnificent piece of construction tool is considered a piece of art to me.  It is 46inch long of Solid para wood with protective coating so that you can do all you work right on the bench!  the drawers and bottom end are constructed entirely with heavy duty all steel with an industrial powder coated finish.  

It sounds so organized and lovely right? well it gets better once you hear my review.  This is an incredibly durable and useful workbench I have ever bought.  After a year of owning this workbench I’ve already bought 2 more of them to make a long bench in my garage.  It carries all my tools an such an organized fashion and their is never any problems with the drawers.  2 years ago I bought a workbench quite similar to this expect that everything was less durable. 

It’s easy for a company to make a nice looking workbench but what is real talent is the durability of the product.  This wood does not dent and keeps its form because it is extremely pressed and professionally finished.  Unlike other workbenches this kind of Steel does not dent or bend.  Heavy duty steel is always a must for anything involving tools.  The wheels at the bottom of my two year old workbench broke and this is very sad considering the most important part of a workbench is the wheels.  

You can expect any workbench to weigh 300-1000 pounds if it completely full with tools.  This means that it requires the strongest types of wheels to support the weight.  How are you going to manage when you’re walking around the backyard fixing things with your tools and all of a sudden a wheel fails.  How are you going to move the workbench? A crane?

I highly recommend this to anyone that owns any amount of tools.  Thank you for reading my review on the 9-drawer Black out Mobile Workbench with Solid Wood Top by


By Husky.

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