Hydraulic Chainsaw

 This was the best day ever. I cut through at least 10 trees this morning and I had a great experience with this brand new chainsaw.  

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Today I will be reviewing the GreenLee Hydraulic Standard Chain Saw HCS816 recommended to me by my buddy.

 A few days ago a worker from the local Tree Service company in Simi Valley, CA came to take care of some of the trees on the side of my house.  We got to talking and he recommended I use the Greenly Hydraulic.  He said that he has only had good experience with it & that’s all his workers and friends use or they have at least one of them.  Me being myself, I went out to Home Depot and purchased this absolutely beautiful and sleek chain saw.  I skiddaled home real quick to use my new puppy on every tree in backyard.  I live on a 2 acre property and have dozens of trees that we needed to cut down for firewood.  I went at it with my hose and my chainsaw and wow did this thing do the work.  

The Greenly Hydraulic standard chain saw HCS816 has some of the most unique and effective features I’ve ever witnessed on a chainsaw.  First and foremost the chainsaw is very easy to adjust the chain and bar.  The handle can also be moved to either Horizontal, 60º, 30º.  The chainsaw also has an automatic chain oiler that can be adjusted without tools and this means that it is extremely easy to maintenance.  

Feeling the power of this device within the grasp of my fingers is a great feeling.  This is not sarcasm, but seriously with particular types of trees it feels like cutting through melted butter.  The chain is very strong and the hydraulic system makes the chainsaw very dangerous and powerful.  I would recommend this chainsaw for any cut down, or trim jobs.  No wonder the tree service company told me that this was the way to go.  Little did they know I’d actually go out and buy one for myself.  

By the end of the day I cut down 18 trees all by myself and will be trucking them to the back of the house tomorrow so I can cut them into smaller pieces to fit in our fireplace.  About 12 trees in however, I started having problem.. it seemed that I needed to restart the chainsaw because it started to not run as well.  I’m not sure if this was because of the Hydraulics or the chainsaw malfunctioned but I would still either way recommend this as I returned the original and they sent me a new one which works flawlessly.  .  

Thank you for your time in reading Frank Hatch’s review on the Greenlee Hydraulic Standard Chain Saw.

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