Back problems from construction

Back Problems

On construction sites back problems are the most commonly occurring injury.  Workers labor day & sometimes night picking up, moving, & installing things. So you can expect something to go wrong.  About 1 in every ten construction workers get injured throughout their work hours, and a lot of them miss a minimum 31 days from these injuries.

Here are some common factors that end up causing injuries:


Repetitive Movement


Construction workers are constantly doing repetitive movements throughout the day.  For example, picking up materials and carrying them into the job site.  This requires the same function over and over again, making the same muscles to be strained out of proportion.  Ways to prevent this is to constantly be stretching, drinking water, and eating in-between doing your repetitive movement.


Incorrect use of tools


A common mistake by the younger workers is that they like to play around. And can get seriously hurt doing it.  So many things can go wrong on a construction site so it’s important to be cautious.  Examples of things that can happen are hammering your own fingers, cutting yourself, dropping things on your toes.  How can you prevent this? Just be careful at all times while remembering to stay vigilant.


Trench or scaffolding collapse


This is something hard to prevent but is still important to be as careful as possible about.  During an incident like this a helmet is extremely important for survival because “Struck by Object” is one of the most common construction worker deaths in the United States.


Failure to use protective equipment


Don’t be the guy that wasn’t wearing their helmet when the planks fell on everyone’s head.  It’s so important to always be following the safety guidelines so you can ensure yourself better safety.  Always wear gloves, hard sole boots, & be vigilant.

Learn how to store your tools with this workbench!



5 Tips for Contracting

Today at Frank’s Hatch we’re going to go over  5 tips that I’ve put together for contracting.

Pick a plan and Stick with it

Remember planning is always an important part so you have to put enough time in it so you feel comfortable you wont change it.  After a plan is picked please stick by your decision because contracting has no room for error.

Get materials from a contractor

Don’t go out to buy the materials yourself because this is where people always lead to problems and paying more.  Contractors almost always get a markdown on the price.  Usually whatever they trust you is the same as what’d you pay in the store without having to move hundreds or thousands of pounds of materials by yourself.

Listen to the Contractor

In almost every instance the contractor knows what he or she is talking about so try not to argue with things you don’t understand.  For example, if you believe your living room should be like this but both the architect and contractor say that this wont be strong enough to hold up the foundation then you will need to listen.  In the contracting world their are a lot of things that our clients do not know about.

Don’t live in the house

During constructions it’s very important that you not stay in the house due to safety precautions.  Although it will seem expensive to have a hotel or apartment try & see it as a family trip away from the house while it’s getting build.

Have a plan, and don’t start without one

However this may be self explanatory some people will go right ahead to building foundation and sizing when they have no idea what the structure is going to look live.  Always listen to the contractor and architect so that you have a design before any workers set foot on your property.


Review: Red Wing’s Classic MOC Style NO. 1907

Incase you don’t know what these are..

These are high quality contractor boots for people that get out on structure’s everyday building new things.  The Classic 1907’s are a one of a kind masterpiece made out of rough & tough leather that will that break or rip.  These are modeled after the original boot made back in 1907.  It Leather with a white traction rubber outsole, along with a Norwegian welt, and triple stitched.  These have lightweight crepe sole and minimal tread to reduce mud.  They’re commonly used to go through long days of work in the factory or farm.  The word moc comes from moccasin which is an Algonquian Indian word for shoe.

Classic MOC boots

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Review: Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Tool Belt

Welcome to another Frank’s Hatch Tool Review!

Today we will be reviewing a familiar company called Milwaukee. They sell construction appliances all over the world and have been running for decades. All of their gear is top-notch, this is why I always trust Milwaukee with my money! Today is a special review of a belt I’ve owned for almost a total of 5 years. I’m proud to announce the Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Tool Belt a magnificent construction belt for doing any hard labor.


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