What is Frank’s Hatch?

Ok so you made it here and you’re wondering what exactly Frank’s Hatch is all about, right?  A Blog relating only to the life of me, General Contractor Frank Hatch, and all the people I come into contact with.  Trying to make sense of it all at once may be difficult but if you spend some time reading and going thru all of the information we put up, things may, or may not, become more clear to you.

What will we be focusing on?  Well this is a fascinating journey into the life of me. Frank Hatch the General Contractor. It’s part contractor research page, part a contractor blog.  We will go thru these topics with all sorts of different themes.  Some of this website will deal with houses and personal experience, while sometimes it will just be a blog about contractor I come into contact with.  The rest of it is up in the air and open to whatever the universe sends our way.  No doubt that many fun topics about contracting and all the things about it will be discussed thoroughly.